We provide the following products for growers:
  • Loose substrate grown through with mycelium for growing "white A 15" and "Heirlom" mushrooms
  • Fructified crates for growing white A 15" and "Heirlom" mushrooms  Key facts about the trays
Our service to growers:
  • Delivery dates you can rely on with free after-sales service
  • On site advice and support from our after-sales service team
The trays are delivered by lorry, with each lorry holding 55 galvanised steel trays loaded in 11 stacks. The trays remain the property of Pilzhof. The price paid by the growers for the substrate includes a rental charge for the trays. The filled trays are delivered to the grower, and the empty trays are collected and returned to us. The empty trays are then sterilised with steam at the Pilzhof and prepared for refilling.

The trays remain the property of Pilzhof and the price paid by the grower for the substrate includes the rental charge for the crates.
Every customer is given a growing card showing the development of the cultures in the first two weeks.